onsdag den 24. oktober 2012

torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

When the stars in his eyes burn out, it’s like I’ve got an icicle in my chest, and the unbearable pain is crushing me from my inside, piercing my heart and numbing me completely. In that moment, the torture of his pain is more than I can take, and in that moment I wish the stars had turned into supernovas, so that even though I’d had been face to face with destruction and chaos, at least I could have been the sacrifice of his rage, that he would mourn. And I would sacrifice myself for him any time, over and over again

mandag den 1. oktober 2012

Let's escape this place

Black lightning strips the sky, tears it in half.
Will you wander around with me?
Take me on roadtrips to Never-never land
And have tea-parties in the forbidden garden?

We will dance forever between the stars, pretty boy
Take a swim in our dreams, and fall in love beneath the moon
This skinny love is nothing like forever
But it won’t stop, until the sun burns out.