torsdag den 31. maj 2012

I'm an addict.


They tend to find me without even trying.

I become addicted very easily, I become addicted to a lot of different things.
It can be music, it can be the bass, it can be the sound of someones voice, crawling beneath my skin. It can be a smell, the smell of you, the smell of him, the smell of sunshine or love or sex. It can be a sound, of a laugh, a giggle, a moan. I could be addicted to the softness of his lips, or the way his abs feel like when I let my hand slide over it. I could be addicted to the smooth skin just beneath his chin, or I could be addicted to the warmth of his embrace. I could be addicted to him, to his kisses, to his thrusts, to his laugh, his voice, his smell, his being, his mind, his words. 
I can get addicted to anything and everything. It's not even hard.

All in all, I'm an addict.

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