onsdag den 28. november 2012

written two years ago, but I still like it anyways

Bleeding insane thoughts
There's no sense in them
No end.
No beginning.
I'm coughing up words
Letters mixed in sick forms
No meaning.
No idea.
Done this so many times.
Can't seem to stop...
I'm sorry.
Just really miserable.
Writing you a letter
On my bare skin.
Red liquid floating over the ground
Feeding its hunger
Satisfying its thirst.
Carving in myself, these words
Of sorry
Of pain
Of insane minds
Crashing your world
Destroying your life
Caring about you
Ruining it all.
I'm sorry
My body
My soul
My anything
My something
My everything
It is yours alone.
I love you.

I'm so really sorry.

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